Q1. What size is the VR arena?
    A1. The size of the VR arena that is equipped for the VR free body movement experience is 3000 sq ft and has been designed for an 8 player battle, with high mobility.
Q2. Can I have someone accompanying me to the experience without playing?
    A2. Yes, but we have a limited capacity inside the room for viewers, so depending on how many; they might have to wait in the lobby.
Q3. What VR technology does the arena uses?
    A3. We use a combination between motion capture and VR. With the motion capture system, we can track you and your friends’ movements inside the arena, and then we can integrate those movements inside the digital world in real time, so that you can have an immersive feeling.
Q1. What is de duration of the experience?
    A1. The session you book is 45 minutes long, that includes 15 minutes to gear up, review the game rules and then take the equipment off at the end; and 30 minutes inside the InBattle VR experience. Each session will have 3 rounds of 8 minutes plus 2 minutes to regroup and define strategies between each round, and 2 minutes before the first round to select characters.
Q2. What is the maximum number of players per session?
    A2. The experience has a maximum of 8 player, 4 in each team, this way you can enjoy a high mobility experience that translate into epic battles.
Q3. What is the minimum number of players per session?
    A3. The experience has a minimum of 2 players, but don’t worry, if you don’t have more players for your session, there is always the chance that someone else books on the same, we always encourage community spirit, but in case that doesn’t happened, one of our staff members will joint the battle to play against you.
Q4. Does the session need to have an even number of players?
    A4. They don’t, but we recommend they do, as an odd number will give a huge advantage to one team.
Q5. Can I play with prescription glasses?
    A5. Most prescription glasses fit inside the head mount, but if the glasses are too large it might not fit inside. If you are not sure, we recommend that you pass by our Arena and test the size before booking.
Q6. Is there a minimum and maximum age restriction?
    A6. The minimum age is 13 years. There is no maximum age, as long as you can carry a 10lbs backpack and a 5lbs haptic gun.
Q7. Are there any restrictions for drugs and alcohol?
    A7. We don’t allow people under the influence of drugs and alcohol to enter the facilities.
Q8. Can I play the InBattle experiences being pregnant?
    A8. If you follow the experience rules, you will always be in a safe environment; nevertheless, the InBattle experiences are intense and are not recommended for people in an advanced pregnancy stage.
Q9. Can I play the InBattle experiences if I have a heart condition?
    A9. If you follow the experience rules, you will always be in a safe environment, nevertheless, the InBattle experiences are intense and are not recommended for people with a heart condition.
Q10. Can I play the InBattle experiences if I have Epilepsy?
    A10. We don’t recommend it, as our experience has intense visual effects that could eventually trigger epileptic seizures.
Q1. How do I book a session?
    A1. For bookings, go to our website inbattle.com. Look for the “book now” button in the top right corner of your screen. If you don’t have a username, you can create one, or you can book as a guest, but your point and stats will not be saved. Follow the instructions to choose a date, time, experience mode and number of players. If you have a discount coupon you can use it at the end before submitting your reservation for payment.
Q2. Can I cancel or modify my reservation?
    A2. All reservations can be canceled or modified up to 48 hours before the booking date. After this, you won’t be able to cancel, but you can always write us if you need to modify and we will do our best to help you out depending on our availability. For modifying you reservation you can only move it to a time and date with the same rate you paid. In case you want to change it to a higher rate (ie. From a week day to a weekend) you will have to cancel and make the reservation again.
Q3. Do I need to have a registered Username to book a session?
    A3. Having a registered Username is not a requirement for booking; you can always book as a guest. Nevertheless having a registered Username will allow you to invite friends easily, make teams, buy skins, get new characters first, have access to your battle stats, and gain points to move up in the InBattle rankings, so we really recommend it.
Q4. Can I book a private session?
    A4. All sessions are open until they are completely booked. If you want to play alone with your friends and you are less than 8, we recommend that you book the whole session anyway.
Q5. Can I invite a friend to a session?
    A5. Yes, at the moment of booking, you will be asked to enter the email address of the players in in each player slot, that way they will receive an email with the booking information. If you have a registered Username and your friends too, invite them to be your friends inside the InBattle platform, that way every time you make a booking you will have the option to add them with one click.
InBattle is the first full body free roam virtual reality arena designed and dedicated to competitive experiences. With over 3000 sq. ft. of free roaming space the teams will be immersed in the most realistic digital battlefield. In this experience the team playing, and strategy are the base for the success. Each player will be able to select a champion that will be his avatar inside the arena. Each champions features a different weapon and different race skills that complemented with the other champions will make the team stronger. InBattle also features a lounge area adjacent to the VR arena, specially designed for championships, tournaments, and events for up to 30 people. Celebrating a birthday, a bachelor´s party, an office outgoing, teamwork, or teambuilding activities or other cooperate events are feasible with previous notice, and some activities can be specially designed depending on the scope. InBattle has a self-owned IP, so these experiences can’t be enjoyed anywhere else. Get your team together and get ready to get immersed in the most epic battles of all times. Get ready to get InBattle.