Take your events to the next level
InBattle immersive experience is the next step for corporate outgoings, team building exercises, or boutique team events with clients and coworkers.

The digital experience of InBattle allows a deep team immersion, isolated from the outside world with a multiplayer experience of up to 8 players.

The strategic component of the digital battle allows teams to organize and connect while having the best VR experience available in the market.


The best digital battle tournament awaits. Invite your Friends to the most thrilling battle or birthday celebration, while becoming the best fighter of Champions Warfare Arena.

Standard Tournament plans:

  • 4 teams (8 to 16 players) tournament. Each team plays 1 semifinal match, and the winners plays the Tournament match: $1,080.00 (aprox duration of the tournament is 2.5hrs)
  • 8 teams (16 to 32 players) tournament. Each team plays 1 classifying match, and the winner of each classifying compete in the semifinals. The winning teams of each semifinal plays the Tournament match: $2,520.00 (aprox duration of the tournament is 5 hrs)
  • A summary video of the tournament experiences is included and will be provided after the experience.

InBattle arena counts with a fully air-conditioned space with private parking*, a 3100 sqft Motion capture enable VR arena and a waiting lounge for up to 40 people.
*Subject to availability
Customized plans are available depending on the number of players and date.
A standard match last 30-40 mins and consists of 3 rounds. Shorter tournaments are available by reducing the match duration.
For a quote, please use write us to [email protected]
InBattle is the first full body free roam virtual reality arena designed and dedicated to competitive experiences. With over 3000 sq. ft. of free roaming space the teams will be immersed in the most realistic digital battlefield. In this experience the team playing, and strategy are the base for the success. Each player will be able to select a champion that will be his avatar inside the arena. Each champions features a different weapon and different race skills that complemented with the other champions will make the team stronger. InBattle also features a lounge area adjacent to the VR arena, specially designed for championships, tournaments, and events for up to 30 people. Celebrating a birthday, a bachelor´s party, an office outgoing, teamwork, or teambuilding activities or other cooperate events are feasible with previous notice, and some activities can be specially designed depending on the scope. InBattle has a self-owned IP, so these experiences can’t be enjoyed anywhere else. Get your team together and get ready to get immersed in the most epic battles of all times. Get ready to get InBattle.